Hissho Sushi searches the world markets for only the highest quality products. Our seafood, rice, vinegar, soy and other ingredients are procured and tested at our state-of-the-art distribution facility. Our chefs buy fruits and vegetables locally to ensure absolute freshness.

You will never find artificial coloring in Hissho Sushi’s natural wasabi and ginger. We offer multi-grain and brown rice, as well as traditional sushi rice, and many of our items are vegetarian and vegan. Our products consistently maintain the health benefits and authentic taste of true Japanese sushi.

At Hissho Sushi, freshly prepared sushi daily on-site is the only way we roll. Every day, our talented chefs prepare delicious sushi that will keep your customers happy and healthy.

In 1998, Philip and his wife Kristina pooled their finances to form Hissho Sushi and founded the company in the family dining room. The company began providing fresh sushi daily to supermarkets and airports. Today, Hissho Sushi is a dynamic foodservice and distribution company managing and operating more than 400 sushi bars across the U.S.


To provide the highest quality products and unparalleled customer service to consumers. We are passionate about building strong and enduring partnerships with our customers. We value our employees and affiliates and seek to provide them with a path to personal and professional success.


Visit them at www.hisshosushi.com

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