We’re committed to finding solutions that create opportunities for our Partners by empowering them with information, knowledge and the tools necessary to succeed in Travel Retail.

How We Operate!



We’re committed to finding solutions that create and expand the opportunities for each of our Client Partners by empowering them with information, knowledge and the tools necessary to participate successfully in Travel Retail.

We work closely with each partner to develop specific geo-targeted strategies which achieve sustained growth and performance within airports by focusing on:

  • Image/Presence – consumers engage with those brands that connect with them through all senses.
  • ROI – secure the appropriate retail density to maximize performance.
  • Customer Experience – become customer centric and adapt to the consumer profile at each airport.

TRP develops strategies to achieve long-term presence in the industry; provides a clear understanding of key barriers; and identifies tactical solutions to address each barrier.


Identify, define and assess strategic expansion opportunities 

Industry Outreach

Facilitate strategic alliances with third parties (subtenant partnerships and/or ACDBE JV Partnerships)

Secure and provide market analysis (airport, air carrier, flight information and passenger profiles)

Provide expertise and assistance in the preparation of Requests for Proposal submissions.

Financial Assessment

Lease Negotiations

Brand Representation

Facilitate Management / Operational Assessment

Management Coaching

Sales Skills Training

Process Improvements

General Retail Consulting

Our Leadership
Managing Partner


Managing Partner

With over 35 years of experience in food & beverage and retail management and consumer product marketing, Stuart has a solid understanding of consumer behavior and industry trends. Stuart joined the travel industry over 23 years ago with Delaware North Companies, where he contributed to the development of many of their proprietary concepts. In addition, Stuart was instrumental in negotiating licensing agreements with national, regional and local restaurants and retail stores across the country.

During his tenure in the travel industry as a Development Executive, Stuart has helped facilitate the growth of companies such as Faber International and HDS Retail North America. He has also been an active participant and contributor to numerous industry associations including ACI, AAAE and AMAC.

Stuart brings a passion for retail and a great ability to develop win-win relationships with airport landlords, subtenants and minority partners.